The season finale is here: Episode 5 “Savasana”. The yoga partners get into poses they can’t get out of and Quipie gets a couple intriguing surprises. Featuring, as always, the killer music of You Won’t. 

Thanks for watching and for all your support!

Also featuring Yoga Cats!!!! 


Presenting Quipie’s Quips: a handful of outtakes and bloopers from the most incompetent yoga teacher ever. Enjoy!

And get ready for Episode 5, our last one of the season, coming atcha next week! 


Check out Episode 4, our most intimate yoga experience yet. Featuring the stunning Matt Dellapina.

We get private this week. 


A little deleted nugget to tide you over until next Tuesday, when we release Episode 4. Lock those doors! 


Episode 3 - “Warrior” has helicoptered in from the jungle. Get weird with us! 

Our strangest ep yet! 


Episode 2 - “Dog” is here! Featuring more music from You Won’t and special guest star, Patanjali. Check it out and stay cool today! 

Dog Day Afternoon! 


We are psyched to announce that Episode 1 - “Mountain” is here!

Featuring music from You Won’t and Lauren Marcus. 

Very proud of this! Filmed at the beautiful Yoga Sole in Brooklyn. Buoyed by treats from the delicious Hail Merry!




The moment.

I will watch this over and over tomorrow.


* I am not talking about the Brooklyn Academy of Music, I am talking like in Batman and RObin bubbles from the 1960s series; Like she is BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE BAM!

Texas be making me PROUD :)

Leticia Van de Putte. 


The Yoga Partners Official Trailer is here!

Belated reblog. I’m excited about this!